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Fashion pot plant’s management


Cultivation base generally is potted substrates must have two basic conditions; having loose, breathable and water retention and drainage performance, to ensure that often have plenty of moisture, but not because of water lead to root rot; require adequate nutrients, to fertilizer nutrient preserving capability is strong. At present, there are many kinds of substrates, which can be selected according to different flower varieties and different cultivation periods.

Peat soil

This matrix contains a large amount of organic matter, soil porosity, good ventilation performance, water retention capacity is strong, light weight, is a good pot with soil. It is often mixed with other soil, suitable for the cultivation of the vast majority of fashion flowers.


Peat is also called black earth, peat Which also contains a lot of organic matter, loose soil, water permeability and air permeability good, water retention insurance fertilizer ability strong texture light and no disease robe and eggs, is used as cultivation medium. But the soil fertility itself is limited, when used according to the need to add enough classes of phosphorus and potassium and other trace element fertilizer.

Garden soil

Garden soil is a soil that is cultivated by crops. It generally contain higher rain of organic matter, holding fertilizer capacity strong, but often have disease carrying eggs and residues in soil and water conservation, use must be fully dried, sterilized soil and knocked into granular necessary. Garden soil is often mixed with other substrates.

River sand

Shahe river sand almost no organic nutrients, but good ventilation and drainage performance, clean sanitation. The Shahe River and other teach sticky soil heavy deployment and use, to improve the drainage of the matrix permeability can also be as seeding and cut propagation matrix.