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Didiplis diandra and Drymaria cordata

Didiplis diandra
Native to North america. Light green. The water grass is a pair of oval or long oval leaves. In the oil and water grass are brachiate needle leaf. The top of the plant is red with a light source near the source. The lateral buds protruding from the underground stem, can form a dense brush shape. Suitable for neutral and weak acid water quality, water temperature from 24 to 28 Eve joy, C and it is necessary to give balanced light and nutrients (fertilizer) and carbon dioxide (CO2), otherwise easy to die; especially light and nutrient balance is crucial, but light is not strong enough, shoulds not be too strong. The cuttings or lateral bud propagation. As before, the accumulation of planting grass.

Drymaria cordata forma variegatus
Native to Southeast asia. The pattern of egg white veins of lobules. Not easily in water cultivation, a suitable neutral acidic water, the water temperature of 20 ~ 28 C Eve joy. Need stronger light, and regularly add carbon dioxide and water soluble fertilizer, can grow well. Most suitable for in small aquariums, especially as in the foreground grass is the most attractive, also can focus on dozens of root planted in large aquariums.

Echinodorus amazonicus
Native to South america. The grass is about 30 ~ 50 cm. Weak – acidic water, water temperature 22 ~ 30 Eve joy C to robust growth, is very easy to cultivate plants. Suitable for beginners, is a kind of tropical plants in the most popular.

Grass in South America

Bacopa monnieri.
Native to South america. Creeping herb, glabrous, slightly fleshy, stem length, rooting at nodes. Both water and grass are the same as the egg shape (moment circle) and the shape of the leaf, which has a glossy green leaves, leaves without a handle, and the top round. In the water, the grass roots are especially strong and growth retardation. Suitable for a weak base weak acid water, the temperature of 22-30 DEG C. Planting time should not be too dense, insufficient light, lower leaves will fall off even the death of the whole plant, with cuttings or lateral bud propagation. Vertical water grass posture best, to 15-20 strains of implant double charm, flowering and fruiting period for the autumn, commonly used as a prospects, ornamental plants.

Bacopa sp
Native to South america. Is a small leaf. The cultivation conditions and reproductive modes with small leaf (false purslane, Barco Ba Meng grass).

Blyxa aubertii
Native to Southeast Asia, Madagascar, Japan also has self. Submerged herbs, erect No. Leaves soft and easy to fold, after planting, do not move. Basal leaves, a linear lanceolate or linear, 8-15 cm long, 6-7 mm wide, the top of Zhejiang pointed, base ministry into membranous and transparent sheath. Can blossom and bear fruit. Fruit linear, 4-6 cm long. The flowers and fruits in summer and autumn. Take the underground stem length with 6 leaf lateral bud propagation. Planted in the weak alkaline water, water temperature 22-28 degrees C. Give the water soluble fertilizer and strong light cultivation, will grow green leaves with Shu Shengming. As a large aquarium grass medium.