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Replacement pot’s container


Fashion flower pot in spring and autumn, the general election in plant germination before or after anthesis. Flower pot before 1 days without water, let dry pot slightly. When changing a basin by hand tapping basin wall. The flowerpot diagonal, hand saplings, a hand with the thumb from the drainage holes to unearthed group, tools for cutting off mass of soil surrounding the topsoil, cut to the part of the old roots should be in the new basin on the bottom rot ripe organic fertilizer as base fertilizer and base fertilizer be coated with a layer of soil culture, and the plants were planted in the basin, from the surrounding fill in the new territories, with bamboo skewer inserted the whole earth solid. Immediately pour enough water, placed in a cool place to grow after a new root, then moved to the sun to resume normal management.

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Because of the special matrix cat, Flower pot method also has the difference. Cat when changing a basin, the first plant poured out from the basin. Carefully remove old plant material, cut to rotting of the roots, with new trapped in a matrix of the root that Keren basin; if plants can be classified into 3 clusters, each cluster has 3-4 days , it is best to keep a bud. Separate basin planting.

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Light regulation and control, the plant should be placed in the window of the window. The shade of the plant to Ke placed away from the window. Things towards the window, in the summer sun will direct injected into the room, curtain appropriate shading, or will flower arrangement in Pu wall reflection light. If there is no natural light indoors, you can be used to add a light source. Shade tolerant plants in the indoor decoration, should always pay attention to the direction of the transfer, to avoid uneven light and so that the leaves to a direction of growth; placed in a period of time when it will be moved to the balcony of the maintenance of a period of time, until the restoration of life after the shift. In winter a sunny noon will be moved outdoors under sunny indoor potted plant. After several hours accepted the Sun, then moved into the Interior in the evening.

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Just line or in the shade to the long-term growth of total plant immediately direct sunshine in the process of cultivation, the leaves is yellow and white also shows strong light; when the plants are grown thin, curved ramps, or although plant growth compared with tall. But not flowering or flowering is less, the color is clear and light, the light is insufficient.