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Apply fertilizer

(1) according to the nature, the type of fertilizer can be divided into organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, which can be divided into solid and liquid fertilizer according to the form.
Organic fertilizer including human waste, livestock manure, cake, bone meal etc.. Organic fertilizer usually contains various nutrients required by plants and rich organic fertilizer, mostly slow and persistent.
Inorganic fertilizer, chemical fertilizer, mainly has nitrogenous fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer and trace element fertilizer. Usually each chemical fertilizer only contains one or two kinds of fertilizer. The fertilizer efficiency of strong and fast, when applied to the master concentration, such as accidentally caused by fertilizer damage. Chemical fertilizer can be used alone, can also be used in conjunction with the use of men, according to the need to adjust the flowers need to adjust the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium elements.

On the market, the sale of a piece of fat, stick fat or spherical fertilizer are solid fat, usually by nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and a variety of trace elements. Put a few grains on matrix can be used in flower buds from the basin surface, after watering fertilizer can be released slowly.
Liquid fertilizer refers to the water after the fermentation of farm manure or water dissolved in the chemical fertilizer, farm manure more than in the use of indoor cultivation.

(2)on-demand potted fertilization fashion at the time of planting are generally required to apply sufficient base fertilizer, fertilizer is used mostly by fermentation of organic fertilizer; growth period should also be fertilizer, topdressing can be available using organic fertilizer or inorganic fertilizer. At present, according to the flower’s demand for a variety of nutrition elements, has produced a variety of corrosion effect of fertilizers or granular coated fertilizer, which contains various elements of the growth of flowers and plants, lasting fertilizer efficiency, convenient use and sanitation, in the indoor cultivation in the widely used.
In addition, foliage plants need more nitrogen fertilizer. If the lack of nitrogen fertilizer, the leaf will lose its luster; but excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer, cause plant excessive growth, weak growth and is not conducive to the stability of some spot leaf traits. P and K fertilizer is also the foliage plant to sit in a few, must cooperate with the application.

(3) fertilization fertilization method to grasp the timely, appropriate and moderate principle, according to various need fertilizer characteristics, the coral fertilization period, number of fertilization, fertilization amount. In addition to the application of solid manure, other fertilizers can be used to stay in place or by spraying. The dilution of liquid fertilizer with water is determined by the number of fertilizer application, and it can be more fertilizer in the growing period. In the winter or the dormancy period, a period of no fertilization or 2-3 months, a number of fertilizer application, and more in the winter before the application, and phosphorus and potassium based, to enhance the plant cold resistance. New planting or for a basin, must wait until after the survival to fertilization.