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Apply fertilizer

(1) according to the nature, the type of fertilizer can be divided into organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, which can be divided into solid and liquid fertilizer according to the form.
Organic fertilizer including human waste, livestock manure, cake, bone meal etc.. Organic fertilizer usually contains various nutrients required by plants and rich organic fertilizer, mostly slow and persistent.
Inorganic fertilizer, chemical fertilizer, mainly has nitrogenous fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer and trace element fertilizer. Usually each chemical fertilizer only contains one or two kinds of fertilizer. The fertilizer efficiency of strong and fast, when applied to the master concentration, such as accidentally caused by fertilizer damage. Chemical fertilizer can be used alone, can also be used in conjunction with the use of men, according to the need to adjust the flowers need to adjust the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium elements.

On the market, the sale of a piece of fat, stick fat or spherical fertilizer are solid fat, usually by nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and a variety of trace elements. Put a few grains on matrix can be used in flower buds from the basin surface, after watering fertilizer can be released slowly.
Liquid fertilizer refers to the water after the fermentation of farm manure or water dissolved in the chemical fertilizer, farm manure more than in the use of indoor cultivation.

(2)on-demand potted fertilization fashion at the time of planting are generally required to apply sufficient base fertilizer, fertilizer is used mostly by fermentation of organic fertilizer; growth period should also be fertilizer, topdressing can be available using organic fertilizer or inorganic fertilizer. At present, according to the flower’s demand for a variety of nutrition elements, has produced a variety of corrosion effect of fertilizers or granular coated fertilizer, which contains various elements of the growth of flowers and plants, lasting fertilizer efficiency, convenient use and sanitation, in the indoor cultivation in the widely used.
In addition, foliage plants need more nitrogen fertilizer. If the lack of nitrogen fertilizer, the leaf will lose its luster; but excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer, cause plant excessive growth, weak growth and is not conducive to the stability of some spot leaf traits. P and K fertilizer is also the foliage plant to sit in a few, must cooperate with the application.

(3) fertilization fertilization method to grasp the timely, appropriate and moderate principle, according to various need fertilizer characteristics, the coral fertilization period, number of fertilization, fertilization amount. In addition to the application of solid manure, other fertilizers can be used to stay in place or by spraying. The dilution of liquid fertilizer with water is determined by the number of fertilizer application, and it can be more fertilizer in the growing period. In the winter or the dormancy period, a period of no fertilization or 2-3 months, a number of fertilizer application, and more in the winter before the application, and phosphorus and potassium based, to enhance the plant cold resistance. New planting or for a basin, must wait until after the survival to fertilization.

Cultivation container

When choosing a flower pot, not only consider the size of the flower pot, but also consider the coordination of the flower and the basin, but also consider the texture, the performance and the use of various basins. Common flower pots have the following) L class. Burning pot ventilating drainage performance is good, is conducive to the growth of plants, widely cultivate Sichuan in the seedlings and seedling. The shortage of the site is rough, the use of the site should be used to pick a small number of the basin, so that in the interior of the room to display the decoration is placed in a slightly larger basin. Yixing purple clay pots on the basin carved flowers and patterns, a variety of patterns, color fades and elegant simplicity, more suitable for as a pendulum is arranged in the interior West Taiwan small flower varieties with the basin. The disadvantage of this basin is that the drainage is poor, and it must be suitable for the use of flower varieties.

Plastic plastic pots basin divided into hard clam glue Xian Yang soft plastic pots, hard plastic basin – like body Poncirus, light weight and beautiful appearance, the color of fresh , used for ornamental planting; world its poor ventilation, easy to aging, not for long-term cultivation, in preparation for entry into the interior decoration is loose, breathable good drainage properties of the porous matrix. Soft plastic basin is used for seedling raising.

Glaze basin glaze basin texture is strong. Gorgeous color. But the poor ventilation performance, often used as a product of the use of the use of a set of loose cultivation matrix. Otherwise plant growth.

Some flowers (such as orchid Vanda) in the process of cultivation of roots must be fully exposed in the air; in addition. Some orchids grow toward the inflorescence. These flowers are suitable for high culture into hanging basket. When you plant should be reported according to plant size, select the appropriate size of the basket, first with a small amount of root orchid seedling roots fixed, especially thick roots and to expose in the outside and put it in the basket. And then fill in some of the light, broken bricks, etc., will be fixed. Machine strong roots can not put down the basket. You can extend from the gap if it is small. Take pot together in the basket.

The basin is mainly used to be the combination of ornamental basin, both inside and outside the a table can paint with different colors. For improve the service life for coordinate with the plant color.

In addition, there are a variety of decorative sets of pots, such as glass cylinder basin, rattan products cover, stainless steel sets, etc., this kind of sets of beautiful and generous, can add a variety of gorgeous atmosphere.

Cultivation substrate

Peat moss, fern root and snake wood

Peat moss, sphagnum also called buried it, light texture, breathable and excellent water retention properties. It is usually soaked in water before use. But it is easy to decay, short service life, the general 1-2 years that need to replace the fresh substrate.


Fern root is brown. It is not easy to decay, can be used continuously for 3-4 years without having to change the basin. Before using it have to cut into 2-3 cm long. Well remove dirt. Can be used alone, also can be mixed with peat burial.

The stem and root of Alsophila is often called snake wood, light quality, processed into a column shape or the board, as the Rambler or aerial roots (such as orchid) peat moss, fern root and snake wood as substrate, is breathable, drainage and moisture, but less nutrient must pay attention to add, in order to ensure the normal growth of plants.

Broken bricks

Bark piece can replace peat, peat soil, root fresh as plants (such as orchids) substrate. When in use, the broken into granular, according to different diameter sieved into different sizes, small particles can be and peat soil mixture, for general potted planting; specifications for planting plants. They need to use the water before the use of 2 ~ 3 days. It is sustainable use of 3-4 years without replacement, very suitable for the growth.

Coconut husk, sawdust, rice such matrix light texture, permeability, good drainage properties. With peat soil, garden soil mixture as potted matrix. But for some plants are using this kind of matrix to the appropriate maturity.

Orchid cultivation matrix of broken bricks is a kind of low cost, has strong water retention and drainage performance, does not contain any time, used to improve soil physical properties.

Charcoal was broken bricks, ceramic, volcanic stone charcoal is a good medium for orchid cultivation. It has good air permeability, water permeability and moisture, but also has the ability of certain fertility and adsorption of bacteria. In the cultivation process often with broken bricks, bark and other mixed use.

Orchid cultivation matrix of broken bricks is a kind of low cost, by breaking into abandoned brick. It has the advantages of durable, waterproof and breathable, but the water and fertility is poor, need to be mixed with charcoal, wood, bark, etc.. The new bricks need to be soaked in water before use, in order to prevent burning root.

Ceramic and volcanic rocks are porous matrix, a permeable, breathable, water conservation and other advantages, but Hong focus on poor, easy to be washed away by the water, often with fern root, bark, peat moss and other mixed use.
Cinder is ventilating drainage ability, no residual disease in Shaoguan. As a knock when, after chewing winnow cricket crushing and screening, and other training Yi mixed use.

volcanic rock

Sponge, plastic and foam sponge has good water retention and air permeability, and plastic foam porosity, permeability, light quality, the common defect is water, fertility, is not easy to read. They are suitable for orchid growth, but as a result of which does not contain any nutrient, regularly spraying fertilizer, or with fern root, bark and other mixed use.

Fashion pot plant’s management


Cultivation base generally is potted substrates must have two basic conditions; having loose, breathable and water retention and drainage performance, to ensure that often have plenty of moisture, but not because of water lead to root rot; require adequate nutrients, to fertilizer nutrient preserving capability is strong. At present, there are many kinds of substrates, which can be selected according to different flower varieties and different cultivation periods.

Peat soil

This matrix contains a large amount of organic matter, soil porosity, good ventilation performance, water retention capacity is strong, light weight, is a good pot with soil. It is often mixed with other soil, suitable for the cultivation of the vast majority of fashion flowers.


Peat is also called black earth, peat Which also contains a lot of organic matter, loose soil, water permeability and air permeability good, water retention insurance fertilizer ability strong texture light and no disease robe and eggs, is used as cultivation medium. But the soil fertility itself is limited, when used according to the need to add enough classes of phosphorus and potassium and other trace element fertilizer.

Garden soil

Garden soil is a soil that is cultivated by crops. It generally contain higher rain of organic matter, holding fertilizer capacity strong, but often have disease carrying eggs and residues in soil and water conservation, use must be fully dried, sterilized soil and knocked into granular necessary. Garden soil is often mixed with other substrates.

River sand

Shahe river sand almost no organic nutrients, but good ventilation and drainage performance, clean sanitation. The Shahe River and other teach sticky soil heavy deployment and use, to improve the drainage of the matrix permeability can also be as seeding and cut propagation matrix.

Cultivation management’s method

Are potted basin on time are spring, summer, autumn, the best time is in spring. The upper basin is better in the morning or in the evening Line, the previous day to the basin to properly control the water pot of cherry, according to select the appropriate size and use of plant varieties, the pots, and configure the planting matrix.
The great need before using water for 1-2 days, lest a new water basin and strong damage roots; using the old pot to pot inside and outside wash it again, in case there are pests or pathogens.

Please pay attention to several links on the basin; first in the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot with two broken tiles cover into a “human” – shaped, to facilitate drainage and ventilation; in broken roof tiles filled with larger particles of the soil or cinders, and then covered with a layer of fine soil; then the plant into the basin in the middle position and make the root to the surrounding secondary development, after the righting along around slowly and the cultivation of the soil; to fill half used in military micro. After the extraction of the plant, the substrate was gently pressed, and then added to the soil to the location of the 2-3 cm from the basin, and to make the soil in the basin. Intermediate high surface formed. The pots in the shade will grow good, avoid direct sunlight, and pouring a in a shade. In the maintenance of 1 – 2 weeks after the gradual move to the normal maintenance area. In the summer and autumn, if the soil is more easy, can be in a shallow basin the water tray, increase air humidity.

Some flowers are creeping growth, and aerial roots. These plants can be planted in a pot in addition to the 3-5 commonly used electric wind plant. While planting should be buried in a column or a bamboo snake wood in the central basin (wood, plastic stick, stick).Around the package with brown leather, shabby shading or peat as a pillar of yeast strain 3-5; planting seedlings in the column / Bu around, and with little Tie Si. She cut off, make plant grows along the column around the climb. When planted with this method, often to the column spray, in favor of rapid growth of the aerial roots and plants.