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Cultivation container

When choosing a flower pot, not only consider the size of the flower pot, but also consider the coordination of the flower and the basin, but also consider the texture, the performance and the use of various basins. Common flower pots have the following) L class. Burning pot ventilating drainage performance is good, is conducive to the growth of plants, widely cultivate Sichuan in the seedlings and seedling. The shortage of the site is rough, the use of the site should be used to pick a small number of the basin, so that in the interior of the room to display the decoration is placed in a slightly larger basin. Yixing purple clay pots on the basin carved flowers and patterns, a variety of patterns, color fades and elegant simplicity, more suitable for as a pendulum is arranged in the interior West Taiwan small flower varieties with the basin. The disadvantage of this basin is that the drainage is poor, and it must be suitable for the use of flower varieties.

Plastic plastic pots basin divided into hard clam glue Xian Yang soft plastic pots, hard plastic basin – like body Poncirus, light weight and beautiful appearance, the color of fresh , used for ornamental planting; world its poor ventilation, easy to aging, not for long-term cultivation, in preparation for entry into the interior decoration is loose, breathable good drainage properties of the porous matrix. Soft plastic basin is used for seedling raising.

Glaze basin glaze basin texture is strong. Gorgeous color. But the poor ventilation performance, often used as a product of the use of the use of a set of loose cultivation matrix. Otherwise plant growth.

Some flowers (such as orchid Vanda) in the process of cultivation of roots must be fully exposed in the air; in addition. Some orchids grow toward the inflorescence. These flowers are suitable for high culture into hanging basket. When you plant should be reported according to plant size, select the appropriate size of the basket, first with a small amount of root orchid seedling roots fixed, especially thick roots and to expose in the outside and put it in the basket. And then fill in some of the light, broken bricks, etc., will be fixed. Machine strong roots can not put down the basket. You can extend from the gap if it is small. Take pot together in the basket.

The basin is mainly used to be the combination of ornamental basin, both inside and outside the a table can paint with different colors. For improve the service life for coordinate with the plant color.

In addition, there are a variety of decorative sets of pots, such as glass cylinder basin, rattan products cover, stainless steel sets, etc., this kind of sets of beautiful and generous, can add a variety of gorgeous atmosphere.