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The management method of potted kumquat

Kumquat likes the warm and humid climate, like sunshine, also shade. The adaptability to soil pH is wide, the most suitable PH6-6.5, and rich in organic sandy loam. More resistant to drought, barren. The three kumquat pumping slightly, spring slightly in late April early June to stop germination, growth. Summer shoot in late June, born in late autumn, autumn shoot in late August.
This multi line pot, after the Spring Festival will be all fruit removal, the spring equinox to the Qingming Huanpen, supplemented by acidic fertile sandy loam. Before the spring shoot germination of a strength pruning, plastic. Summer should be frequent topdressing, kumquat if grown too strong is not easy flower bud formation, in the new shoots turn green and nonwoody, should control water, appropriate environment P fertilizer, promote mature branches and flower bud differentiation. Before and after the winter should be promptly moved into the room. Common pest coccid, spraying 40% dimethoate emulsion 800 times fluid prevents and cure; red spider, three 20% available chlorine to kill mites sulfone powder 500 ~ 800 times liquid of 50% parathion emulsion 500 times fluid control, every half moon spray once, for 2 to 3 times; wind butterfly larvae, available 1500 times dimethoate control.
Kumquat plastic:
Kumquat tree shoot volume, full opening. The main use of the following methods of plastic surgery.
(1) the trunk shaped crown of a round shape, central trunk significantly and brawny, different directions were elected to stay 5 to 6 main branch form a canopy and other parts of the bud sprouting shall be erased. The tree is tall, ventilation and light transmission. Cut off when the amount of plastic surgery, crown forming a little slower, suitable for sparse planting orchard.
(2) herbarum radiation more than 12 branches, without the leadership of the Central Committee of the main stem, evenly distributed radially. Results the parent branches were much, the young trees were easy to result, the fruits were distributed evenly, and the quality was good.
(3) plexiform shape based branches more than 5, bough, the collateral subordination is not obvious; crown of a semi circle, small amount of pruning, shaping easily. Into the fruit should be thinning has the thin branches and there are plans to return to reducing part branch group, to ensure the sturdy branches, can load a large amount of fruiting.
(4) do form at the base of the tree and keep the 2 ~ 4 a robust branches training center backbone, pinching or short cut promote collateral framework is formed, generally about two years can be formed.
(5) the semi natural round kumquat shoot sprouting ability is strong, according to the growth characteristics, Shun its growth can develop into the semicircular tree yield. Method is saplings grow up to 70 cm high for a short cut, leaving pile height of about 50 cm; branches sprout after the election to stay 5 ~ 7 strong branches, length 40 cm topping promote collateral, grow into semi natural rounded crown.
(6) three round shape selected three uniform distribution of the branches of the main branch, the main branch pumping of collateral to maintain balanced growth, forming spheroid. Looking down, three branches are shaped according to a party to a situation of tripartite confrontation. The crown structure is firm, the lighting and the fruit is good.
Breeding and breeding:
Kumquat mainly by grafting propagation, with trifoliate orange as rootstock for grafting or budding. Budding from mid September to early October is the most suitable period, generally grafting in early March to early April, multi line cutting pick. Also can be 6-7 months of cutting propagation.

Home flowers

Home flowers

Rich flower resources in China, variety, known as the “mother of the world” of the name. “Flower” was explained in the dictionary: flowers are Angiosperms reproductive organ is a ornamental plant, who is a general designation for ornamental grasses. Also said that foliage plants known as “OU”. Flowers and narrow broad points. Flowers in narrow sense refers to the ornamental value of herbs. Such as impatiens, chrysanthemum, Scarlet, cockscomb; broad flowers in addition to ornamental herbs, but also include herbs or woody plants, flowering shrubs, flowering trees and plants, such as Ophiopogon japonicus, Sedum class, such as tufted Phlox groundcover; such as plum, peach, rose and Camellia trees and flowering shrubs, and so on. According to growth habit and flower morphological classification of herbaceous flowers, woody perennial flowers flowers flower ornamental aquatic flowers of the four seasons. Flowers are the essence of heaven and Earth, is a product of nature’s most beautiful, nature’s best gift to humanity. Colorful flowers, dress more beautiful lives, that delight at Hyatt Regency, refreshed. Floral park nasal, is a as dream as drunk of feel, see spent smell incense, pleasing Yi love, to flowers who to not of smell beauty; flower of attitude, pinting na, mix, wonders, Breeze light drag, with branch diffuse dance, especially enchanting; flower of charm, reflected has flower of style, temperament and charm, it original Yu flower of natural beauty that color beauty, fragrance beauty, attitude beauty, and greatly above natural beauty. When people appreciate the beauty of flowers, often produce many associations, the flowers personified, emotional, which people know each other, and that charm us to enjoy the charming beauty, to feel the real beauty of flowers, enjoy the flowers of Reiki. Therefore, flowers to beautify the environment, cultivate, and purification of the mind, improve health, and rich spiritual life, for people to enjoy the beauty, the edification and enlightenment of American beauty, raising cultural and artistic qualities, make life better and happier.
Because I was born and raised in rural WA, not as elegant as urban gardening, flowers. Thus small of when didn’t see had what spent Ah grass of, although has see had some color beautiful of spent; has smell had some tangy of floral, to deep to sucking breath, to feel that rich of aromatic; just not know those spent of name, not understand to appreciate spent of thousand attitude hundred Mei, spent of million species style; more not understand spent not only can representative human of many feelings; sincere of friendship, and pure of love, and noble of admired; also can reflected human of variety spirit: gritty, and proudly not married, and sacred chastity ‘ Can symbolize many people wish: happy peace, liberty, independence, good health and happiness. I remember in elementary school when some female classmates in the spring season is not known from where pinched a few flowers and take them to school. Later came to know that the flower is the rose. Certainly has in rural, regardless of go to which village are can see of more is annual April bloom of Tong spent, and pagoda, and Neem spent; who home front or yard in of PEAR, and Heng Fa Chuen, and peach, and sunflower, and rose, and pomegranate, and has white, and powder, and red, and purple, variety color girl used to package nails of very better of ornamental wind fairy spent (we are called nails grass); also has field in eyeful of rape, and field drops head of Horn spent (that short morning glory, and Shepherd’s purse, and dandelion, and setaria, and,). Speaking of Neem flower, Henan region of Henan province has reminded me of our Neem flowers play married men and women sang “eight dozen Neem flowers in early April, next year to have a baby,” the customs. New “April eight,” legend of the Buddha’s birthday that day, dawn in the morning, couples will wake up naked, holding a long stick to beat the neem tree in the courtyard because Neem flowers, seeds, we can have the best of luck. At that time, mother will let us get some Neem flowers back mother Neem flowers to dry, part under the seat, in part to light the insecticide. Neem flowers, it means the end of the spring, so they “started Plum, Chinaberry flowers, where the ershisifanhuaxinfeng,” said. And when the mother was stroking our SJ Mix flour steamed and then add some garlic and other tasty food, I know some flowers you can eat. Summer fields everywhere is to break the bowl of flowers, commonly known as Petunia. Looking at it as a skirt-like light and thin wing, trying to fly against the wind pink, white, blue, red and other colored flowers, wanting to reach out and pick a flower, remember Grandma and parents ‘ words: break the bowl of flowers can’t be touched, who got a meal to break the bowl. Grew to know that this is a white lie, but this doesn’t know what and when to start from generation to generation.
Growing up, and they knew that our people love flowers, flowers, flowers earlier than in Europe for more than 1000 years of history. From ancient times to the present, from royalty, down to the civilian population, from court to folk, from village to town, although the people’s cultural quality, different values, but the flowers are full of boundless love, loving tradition around the world, passed from generation to generation, flowers, flowers, flowers has become a new fashion. Flowers and people’s lives together. Spent can used to expression people of language, feelings or wishes, this on implied has all spent language: morning glory symbol love Yong solid; blue rose representative cannot get of things; kite tail expression despair of love; epiphyllum is said moment of beautiful and moments eternal; heaven bird representative free, and happiness, and auspicious; Butterfly blue representative happiness, and pure, and auspicious; dandelion expression loyalty, happiness; forget worries grass and said down he she down sorrow; Cosmos expression every day happy; Oleander representative deep friendship and caution; also is representative pure of love, and Beautiful of love, and better often in of rose, different color of rose and has different of meaning: Red Rose symbol love, and enthusiasm, and love with you, powder rose representative first, and courtship, and love and special of care, yellow rose expression noble, and beautiful or apologized, Orange rose: representative rich youth breath, and first of mood; white rose representative innocent, and pure, and I enough to and you match green rose is representative pure simple youth long standing, I only love you a; different color of Tulip expression of meaning also different red Tulip expression love of Declaration , And joy, and love, Pink Tulip representative beauty, and love, and happiness, yellow Tulip expression noble, and treasure, and wealth, purple Yu gold and symbol endless of love, and most love, white Tulip meaning with innocent, and pure despair of love, double color of Tulip and symbol beautiful of you, and Hi meet; Cactus representative you is I of Angel and warm; smoked clothing grass of spent language is waiting for love; white Chrysanthemum meaning real Frank; different of spent for gift different of people, in wedding, funeral, celebration, birthday, Anniversaries and other occasions without flowers. People with Calendula expression parting of pain and crush; with Pink Mountain Camellia expression is you of love let I more variable more beautiful; people will sent a flower sunflower to specific expression himself silence of love; also will sent pink geranium expression is happy can accompany in you side; also will dedicated to other a beam wood cotton each other share mutual treasure front of happiness; students or friends business, we will sent symbol sources wide into of Nepenthes; mother’s day Shi will to warm kind of mother offer a beam Carnation; Shang has high school, Products read literature works in the history scholar works of on spent of Tang song Word Hou, for himself didn’t can health in scholar and helpless, because see full tree of PEAR not freely Yin out “suddenly as night spring to, thousand tree million tree PEAR open” of verses; see Heng Fa Chuen only listening to others Yin out “spring shut not, a branch red apricot also out wall to” of verses; see peach not know has “peach where to, peach still laugh spring” of verses; gradually of also read understand has Peony of elegant; read understand has “out mud and not dye, Wash qinglian without demon “Lotus fresh and elegant, Holy and beautiful; read the Tao Yuan-ming’s” Picking chrysanthemums Dongli, the leisurely see Nanshan “hermit free and easy, read the corner of Wang an-Shi Mei Linghan alone”, brave and noble qualities of fortitude to know that the same is plum, and different people have different feelings. The same people a feeling of flowers in different situations is quite different. Read understand has Li Shang-yin’s of “cold Mei most hateful, long for last year spent” read understand has Lu you of “Yi outside bridge side, lonely open no main” read understand has hair President of “pretty also not race spring, only put spring to reported, until flowers Shi she in bundle in the laugh” also read understand has du of “peach a cluster open no main, cute Crimson love pink” read understand has Chen and meaning “Begonia at Rouge color, independent drizzle in the” of cleaning since willing clean; read understand has Li Shang-yin’s of “autumn Yin not bulk cream fly late, left have residual load listening to rain” of of on friends of nostalgia ; Read Wang an Guo “Tang Zhu Hu, refused to draw spring free Yang Hua” meaning. Read flowers of bright and colorful, floral elegant, flower soft, fragrant scent of flowers, flowers of the Holy, flowers fucking.

Home How to make fertilizer

Home How to make fertilizer
In daily life, a lot of waste can be used to make fertilizer.
Soaking liquid fertilizer
With small cylinders (or small) waste leaves, fruits, chicken and fish offal, fish, bone, eggshell waste and moldy foods (such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, beans, soy flour) into the inside, and trichlorfon and sprinkle a little water, then cover tightly and after high-temperature fermentation composting can be used. When taking the upper liquid diluted with water before use. In addition, these wastes can also be mixed with the old training ground, add some more water, mounted in a large plastic bag, tied for a period of time, use after fermentation.
Waste composting
Selected appropriate locations dug a soil pit, deep 60 cm to 80 cm, pad 10 cm ashes late, will rotten leaves, and poultry livestock visceral, and scales, and chicken duck manure, and eggshell, and meat waste and broken bone, real, into pit within, sprinkled some pesticides, above cover a layer about 10 cm thick of Park soil, pit within keep wet, to promote fertilizer rot cooked. Homemade fertilizer, preferably in autumn and winter, when no odor by heating decomposed in the spring, and can be mixed with soil cultivation as green manure in; also used 4 mm sieve to take wet sieved into pellets, fine for top dressing, thick as green manure.
Family flowers without soil for three points
Family flowers without soil, with fast-growing, good quality, sanitation, pest little save fertilizer, water conservation, and labor intensity, saving labor and time advantages. Home flowers without soil technologies are outlined below.
Scientific planting. Family no soil pot can selection plastic basin, and pigment burn basin, General pot; planted Shi first will various matrix by must proportion mixed or separate loaded into basin within, again will long out 3~5 tablets leaves seedlings planting in basin Central; planted Qian first put with soil of root put in water in the, gently to will root mud wash NET, again put roots into than normal concentration nutrition liquid dilute 5~10 times of solution in the soaking 10 minutes, let its full absorption water; planted good Hou above cover a layer quartz sand or small stone, makes plant fixed, And immediately surrounded by water from the container into the nutrient solution of 0.5 times times, nutritious liquid out until the end of the basin drainage holes so far.
Second, proper nutrition. Planted Hou should each across 1-3 days poured once water, 7-10 days poured once dilute nutrition liquid; poured nutrition liquid of times and the how many, according to flower type, and plant size, and different birth stage, and season and placed locations, and set: growing between big seedlings about 7-15 days poured once nutrition liquid, small seedlings about 15-20 days poured once, dormant period about a months poured once; diameter 20 cm around of pot if planted of is positive flower, each poured about 100 ml, negative flower should discretion reduction; if using of is long-term isn’t, Its dosage to reference products manual of provides; poured nutrition liquid Shi rather less some, not too much, if application too much, often easy caused Coke leaves; General monthly completely replaced once nutrition liquid, and wash NET Sheng nutrition liquid of container; usually container within loaded nutrition liquid of number about for container depth of 2/3 for good; if loaded have too more, makes root all bubble in nutrition liquid in the, air insufficient, easy for hypoxia and caused rotten root.
Third, pay attention to watering. Soil-less gardening, also according to the watering needs of different kinds of flowers on water quantity and time. In order to avoid the loss of nutrient solution, use only watertight container. More for family using of container by two part composition, above for a with matrix of pot (bottom more hole), will spent planted into which, following installation a not leaking of loaded nutrition liquid of container; using this container planting Shi, plant root stretch into nutrition liquid Qian, needed appropriate more poured some water, about each 5-7 days poured few dilute nutrition liquid, stay root stretch into nutrition liquid Hou that normal management.

Flowers and trees during the growing season grafting

Flowers and trees during the growing season grafting
Daily activities often meet some new construction, renovation or expansion neighborhoods, attractions, water conservancy facilities, roads, mining, real estate and other, urgent need for removal of the growing season or transplanting larger plants. Growing season grafting plants how to obtain satisfactory results?
Balancing potential strains the normal growth of plants by the roots to absorb water and minerals, root size and canopy size are mutually interdependent. Larger individual flowers from a into b, digging roots generally only when 10%~40% is preserved in much of the rest is cut off the injury, planting new roots formed after a long process, temporarily interrupted or reduced ability of water and fertilizer. If the upper retains the original Crown of water and minerals necessary
Requirements, must have a serious imbalance between supply and demand and to transplant the flowers and trees wilting or dead. Cut branches and leaves on the ground, plant root called to maintain the necessary balance.
Tillering ability of strength trim plants before transplantation can take all the Crown, leaving only the trunk. Weak sprouts can remove the Crown of 2/3. Even if it is difficult to build new Terminal buds of flowers and trees, while retaining main branch, to cut off most of the branches or remove most of the blade. So that the plant can withstand levels of metabolism down to, maintaining its vitality from the impact damage. In order to avoid the trunk the wounds caused by pruning too much and is too large, remove large piles of branches can be left on the trunk, highly flexible branches depending on weight-bearing parts. Crude-bearing zone, high thin position less poor. Pruning wound surface with paint, wax seals, or with a plastic membrane. Bloom, flower and fruit of plants transplanted to most or all removed, will help improve survival rates.
Ball can protect the roots with soil less damage; the second is to avoid water loss of roots exposed three has formed around the roots of mycorrhizal can be migrated along with the plants. Mother soil ball size depending on the size and needs of the plant.
Transplantation transplantation before and after selection in continuous cloudy or rain. Sunny early in the morning or the afternoon, avoid the Sun at noon as the Sun. Transplant, dig planting. Long-distance migration, flowers after they dug out immediately with adsorbed water grass
According to the Sun. Transplant, dig planting. Long-distance migration, flowers after they dug out immediately with straw for moisture adsorption, fabric covered, water moisture at any time.
High water and shade growing season temperature, evaporation and transpiration, and apart from the colonization of filling the foot when saturated, and also often for tree roots of water and irrigation. Early transplant, less roots absorb the water down, keep the transplanted soil moist. Drought and water shortage, when colonization can be added to soil water retaining agent or soil improvers, and helps to save water and improve the survival rate. Put yin in transplanting plants above the tent, or vaginal barrier established in the light side, form a cool, moist environment, avoiding Sun, also available in plastic bags on the plant recovery period, reducing transpiration. Sprout long after removing the bag.

Zonal distribution of plants

Zonal distribution of plants
The survival of plants must depend on the environment, and the most important factor is the climatic conditions. As we all know, the climate on the earth is in a zonal distribution, and the plant is also in a zonal distribution, from the equator to the poles.
As we all know, the earth has five zones, namely tropical, temperate and boreal north and south. If subdivided, can also be divided into the equatorial belt, tropical and subtropical and warm temperate, temperate and cold temperate, subarctic and boreal etc.. The division of these zones is mainly based on the distribution of the heat of the sun on the earth. These different zones are generally
The main basis is the distribution of the heat of the sun on the earth. These different regions roughly transverse bands along the latitudinal direction (direction) stretching. From the equator to the poles, a zone into another area, along the longitude direction (north-south direction) are arranged alternately. This distribution is known as the zonal distribution or the latitude zone. Therefore, in the distribution of the problem, people regard the latitude as the regional factor. It can be summarized as follows: the distribution of the heat in the earth is the zonal distribution, the main factor that affects the heat distribution is the latitude. In addition to the distribution, we are collectively referred to as non zonal distribution. For example, the amount of precipitation in China is more than that of the southeast, and the precipitation is less. From the southeast to the Northwest can be divided into several zones according to the dry and dry conditions, that is, humid regions, semi humid regions, semi-arid regions and arid regions. China’s southeast coast is a humid area, Xinjiang is in the arid region. This distribution is not a regional, but a non zonal distribution. The cause of this distribution is obviously not due to latitude, but due to precipitation. Distance from the sea is the main factor causing this distribution.
As the temperature, air pressure, wind direction, precipitation and other weather phenomena are mutual influence, the distribution of temperature and precipitation in the earth has the characteristics of zonal, and the temperature and precipitation more directly affect the growth of plants, so that the distribution of vegetation in most parts of the world is the land belt.

Plant growth requires a certain quantity of heat, so the temperature is too low in the polar regions on the lack of vegetation. Requirements for water, trees and grass in different. Trees need more water than grass, so the forest grows in wet or moist areas, but in the arid area, the trees are not easy to grow, the vegetation is dominated by grassland, and the very arid area is only desert vegetation.
Tropical rainforests are mainly concentrated in the south, north latitude 10 degrees between the Amazon River Basin, Congo River Basin and Southeast Asia, it is distributed in the tropical climate zone of hot and humid evergreen forests, tree species. Tree height of 30 meters or more, and some even up to 40 ~ 60 meters, trunk straight, usually can be divided into 3 layers structure. The amount of plants in the tropical rain forest (mainly wood) accounts for 40% of the total amount of land in the world. It directly affects the rise and fall of global environmental protection, tropical rainforest has become one of the urgent problems of the world’s attention.
The tropical monsoon rain forest is located in the periphery of the tropical rain forest, and is mainly distributed in the Southeast Asia and the India peninsula. It is formed in the dry and wet season of tropical climate conditions, also known as the monsoon forest or tropical seasonal forest. And tropical rain forests
Than, the structure is simple, the tree is only divided into two layers. Due to the impact of climate, the tropical monsoon rain forest can be divided into two major types: deciduous and semi seasonal rain forest (Chang Lv, Chang Lv). Deciduous monsoon forest distribution in the annual rainfall of 500 to 1500 mm long and dry regions, most species in dry season deciduous. Semi evergreen monsoon forest distribution in the annual rainfall of 1500 to 2500 mm, with good water and heat area, in a short dry season, no leaf stage tall trees can appear a few days to a few weeks. Between the tropical monsoon rain forest and the tropical rain forest difficult to be able to divide the clear boundary, assumes the gradual transition situation.
Subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest is mainly distributed in East Asia, that is, the subtropical monsoon climate zone, where the summer heat and humidity, the annual average temperature of 15 degrees Celsius to 21 degrees, annual rainfall of 1000 to 2000 mm. The evergreen trees round. The plant resources of subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest are very rich, and there are many valuable forest trees, fast-growing forest and economic forest. Evergreen broad-leaved forest conservation area is, in our country, from the Qinling Mountains mountains to the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau and the southern mountainous areas of Tibet are widely distributed in the development and utilization at the same time, has been strengthening cultivation and protection.
Summer green broad-leaved forest is also known as deciduous broad-leaved forest, mainly distributed in Western Europe, Central Europe, East Asia and North America and other places. It is hot and rainy in summer, cold in winter, and annual rainfall in 500 ~ 1200 mm. Forest trees in winter
Leaves. The summer green broad-leaved forest in Asia is mainly distributed in the warm temperate zone of North China, Northeast China, North Korea and Japan.
The cold temperate coniferous forest and boreal forest or taiga. Distribution in the northern part of Europe and North America, in the middle and low latitudes of the alpine region also has a distribution. Composition of coniferous trees with cold resistance. Here in the summer, the temperature and humidity, the winter cold and long, annual rainfall of 300 ~ 600 mm. Coniferous forest is often composed of single tree, trunk upright. Picea and Abies shade trees, in a dark, known as dark coniferous forest. Pine and larch tree species, Liuchi Aryo, known as bright coniferous forest. The area of boreal forest is very broad, from Scandinavia, Russia, Finland, China, Heilongjiang, and the northern part of China. Evergreen coniferous forest in Europe and the Siberia region, the Eastern European continent is the majority of Xingan larch. Cold temperate coniferous forest in North America are mainly distributed in most of Alaska and Labrador, large area and the two peninsula. The western region, especially along the Pacific coast, is rich in coniferous forest, similar to northern Europe, pine, spruce and larch; East and East Asia is similar to that of larch is widely distributed.

Take part of plant nutrition to planting

1. cutting time in early spring and summer is better, also can choose the most vigorous growth of plants. Generally speaking, most of the cuttings in 20-25 process temperature, the relative humidity of the air is easy to root in 70%-80%.
2. cutting matrix ideal cutting matrix should be not only to keep moist, and can breathe freely, commonly used in the rooting medium perlite, vermiculite, sand and so on, family cutting only clean river sand is more convenient. The cutting depth in Section 1 / 3 ~ 1 / 2, first with bamboo in the matrix on Jack, then heading into the hole, conveniently according to the real or watering the hole filling. The water content of the substrate should be controlled in the, which can provide higher substrate humidity and air humidity in the early stage of 50%-60%, but it is suitable to reduce the humidity, so as to prevent the decay.

Cutting method
Stem cuttings can be inserted into the soft and hard wood cutting rod. Green wood cutting for perennial herbaceous flowers; hardwood cutting is use has grown mature branches or stems dry cutting, cutting the plant stems or vine cut stems with festival, each cut into 6-10 cm, with 2-3 day, but also with the apical bud and remove lower leaf and shear to 1 / 3-1 / 2 of upper leaves, to reduce water evaporation, then stems directly inserted in the slotting machine.

Ye Chafa some flowers leaves can be easily rooting, artificially wound, promote the formation of a
new plant root, operation.

When selecting healthy leaves, the petiole inserted directly in the sand, or the leaves cut in half after an oblique or in the sand.

Leaves on the back with a blade row, 2 wound, cut the petiole, lay it flat on a tool with slotting machine, the Ye Bei and the tight sand.

Close contact; appropriate shade, water, at 20 to 25 DEG C under suitable temperature, about 30 days to grow seedlings, this method is suitable for Africa
Violet, succulent flower breeding Gloxinia etc..

Yet during the germination of axillary bud bud is inserted, the blade with short branches together cut, shallow into the moist sand plain, casual wear
Shoot tip with sand. When the petiole wound a new root, it will promote the formation of axillary bud and seedling.

At some interpolation plant available plant roots underground ministry rod as cutting material, cutting in soil pot.

When will the roots, cut into 2-3 cm, slightly dry after incision to be inserted in the nimble slotter or buried desire, covering 1~2.

Cm thick matrix, keeping moist, to make it take root and sprout.
Water insert method choose a dark glass bottle, filled with water from strong shank blade. To put the petiole in the water.

2-3 cm, a slight light scattering light, every 2-3 days for water once, 20 days to take root, then the leaflets are beginning to sprout.
When roots grow to a certain number, you can remove the upper basin. For watering flowers have Africa geranium, violet.

Cultivation management’s method

Are potted basin on time are spring, summer, autumn, the best time is in spring. The upper basin is better in the morning or in the evening Line, the previous day to the basin to properly control the water pot of cherry, according to select the appropriate size and use of plant varieties, the pots, and configure the planting matrix.
The great need before using water for 1-2 days, lest a new water basin and strong damage roots; using the old pot to pot inside and outside wash it again, in case there are pests or pathogens.

Please pay attention to several links on the basin; first in the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot with two broken tiles cover into a “human” – shaped, to facilitate drainage and ventilation; in broken roof tiles filled with larger particles of the soil or cinders, and then covered with a layer of fine soil; then the plant into the basin in the middle position and make the root to the surrounding secondary development, after the righting along around slowly and the cultivation of the soil; to fill half used in military micro. After the extraction of the plant, the substrate was gently pressed, and then added to the soil to the location of the 2-3 cm from the basin, and to make the soil in the basin. Intermediate high surface formed. The pots in the shade will grow good, avoid direct sunlight, and pouring a in a shade. In the maintenance of 1 – 2 weeks after the gradual move to the normal maintenance area. In the summer and autumn, if the soil is more easy, can be in a shallow basin the water tray, increase air humidity.

Some flowers are creeping growth, and aerial roots. These plants can be planted in a pot in addition to the 3-5 commonly used electric wind plant. While planting should be buried in a column or a bamboo snake wood in the central basin (wood, plastic stick, stick).Around the package with brown leather, shabby shading or peat as a pillar of yeast strain 3-5; planting seedlings in the column / Bu around, and with little Tie Si. She cut off, make plant grows along the column around the climb. When planted with this method, often to the column spray, in favor of rapid growth of the aerial roots and plants.