Acorus gramineus

Originating in Japan, Taiwan, china. Perennial perennial herbaceous plant. Aromatic, adapt to weak acid, a weak alkaline water, the water temperature 15-25 art Sun Gensheng, rhizome procumbent, obliquely ascending or to elongate, pale green leaves a radial sword shaped or linear, the width is not more than 2 cm, length of about 15-30 cm, above middle tapering and sharp, flowering and fruiting periods 5-7 month.

Altemanthera lizacina1  Altemanthera lizacina

Fly Liyakelusi grass Aconts gramiiwus var.pariggalu native to Japan, China and other parts of Asia, sub Luz plants of improved varieties, shape with subclinical can Luz plants of the same, water Soddy pale yellow or green water is easy to be small, pale yellow disappeared and become a bright green, adapt to the weak acid and neutral water quality, temperature 15-25 degrees C, planting, add carbon dioxide (CO2), with strong light illumination, can prevent short stature.

Aconts gramiiwus var.pariggalu1  Aconts gramiiwus var.pariggalu

Lobar blood heart LAN (sub Ludiernandilali Ji grass) Altemanthera lizacina native to central and South America, leaf width, front and back sides is deep red. When planting more carbon dioxide, which should be in no shelter from the open area, the growth in bright light, it grows up leaves. Is difficult to planting, propagated by cuttings or prune buds, aquarium lumination should is moderate, the leaf will atrophy and impede students Di to a neutral weak acidic water, the water temperature for 24 ~ 30 art. From 1 to 3 in the background, as the strain concentration with grass.

Acorus gramineus1   Acorus gramineus

The broad leaf blood heart LAN (sub Ludiernandilalian jicao) Attemanfizera reineckii J, native to tropical and subtropical regions. Growth height of 50 cm. Red or Black Tea color, like to use leaf wavy shape to grow. To adapt to a weak base weak acid water, the temperature of 24~30 DEG C. Can be controlled by adjusting the light to control the size of the blade. Although the lower part of the leaf is easy to fall off, it is still the most robust and easy to cultivate varieties of the red system. The main breeding cuttings. As a background, in the grass.

Attemanfizera reineckii1  Attemanfizera reineckii

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