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The management method of potted kumquat

Kumquat likes the warm and humid climate, like sunshine, also shade. The adaptability to soil pH is wide, the most suitable PH6-6.5, and rich in organic sandy loam. More resistant to drought, barren. The three kumquat pumping slightly, spring slightly in late April early June to stop germination, growth. Summer shoot in late June, born in late autumn, autumn shoot in late August.
This multi line pot, after the Spring Festival will be all fruit removal, the spring equinox to the Qingming Huanpen, supplemented by acidic fertile sandy loam. Before the spring shoot germination of a strength pruning, plastic. Summer should be frequent topdressing, kumquat if grown too strong is not easy flower bud formation, in the new shoots turn green and nonwoody, should control water, appropriate environment P fertilizer, promote mature branches and flower bud differentiation. Before and after the winter should be promptly moved into the room. Common pest coccid, spraying 40% dimethoate emulsion 800 times fluid prevents and cure; red spider, three 20% available chlorine to kill mites sulfone powder 500 ~ 800 times liquid of 50% parathion emulsion 500 times fluid control, every half moon spray once, for 2 to 3 times; wind butterfly larvae, available 1500 times dimethoate control.
Kumquat plastic:
Kumquat tree shoot volume, full opening. The main use of the following methods of plastic surgery.
(1) the trunk shaped crown of a round shape, central trunk significantly and brawny, different directions were elected to stay 5 to 6 main branch form a canopy and other parts of the bud sprouting shall be erased. The tree is tall, ventilation and light transmission. Cut off when the amount of plastic surgery, crown forming a little slower, suitable for sparse planting orchard.
(2) herbarum radiation more than 12 branches, without the leadership of the Central Committee of the main stem, evenly distributed radially. Results the parent branches were much, the young trees were easy to result, the fruits were distributed evenly, and the quality was good.
(3) plexiform shape based branches more than 5, bough, the collateral subordination is not obvious; crown of a semi circle, small amount of pruning, shaping easily. Into the fruit should be thinning has the thin branches and there are plans to return to reducing part branch group, to ensure the sturdy branches, can load a large amount of fruiting.
(4) do form at the base of the tree and keep the 2 ~ 4 a robust branches training center backbone, pinching or short cut promote collateral framework is formed, generally about two years can be formed.
(5) the semi natural round kumquat shoot sprouting ability is strong, according to the growth characteristics, Shun its growth can develop into the semicircular tree yield. Method is saplings grow up to 70 cm high for a short cut, leaving pile height of about 50 cm; branches sprout after the election to stay 5 ~ 7 strong branches, length 40 cm topping promote collateral, grow into semi natural rounded crown.
(6) three round shape selected three uniform distribution of the branches of the main branch, the main branch pumping of collateral to maintain balanced growth, forming spheroid. Looking down, three branches are shaped according to a party to a situation of tripartite confrontation. The crown structure is firm, the lighting and the fruit is good.
Breeding and breeding:
Kumquat mainly by grafting propagation, with trifoliate orange as rootstock for grafting or budding. Budding from mid September to early October is the most suitable period, generally grafting in early March to early April, multi line cutting pick. Also can be 6-7 months of cutting propagation.