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Cymbidium buying and maintenance tips

Also known as East main, Cymbidium Cymbidium hookerianum, according to growth habit can be divided into routine and Alpine species of Alpine species are large flowers; seen from the exterior into the upright and vertical pattern
Fashion flower
Noble and peaceful.
Purchase points
Large flower for the Alpine species, needs to have a very low temperature to induce differentiation of flower bud and House-a _ will not bloom again if you need to continue after flowering plant watch, try to choose a small flower or flower Cymbidium. Can be selected when the flowers on the Spring Festival. Half of the flowers in full bloom, the better.
Conservation tips
Cymbidium cool in summer and warm in winter strong scattering of light environment, growth temperature 25~30℃, winter temperature is 10 ℃ in night temperature during flower bud differentiation of some varieties must bloom in the 10~14℃ light is little or no appropriate shade in summer and autumn flowering, the light is too strong can lead to sunburn Cymbidium without buds, vegetative growth is too strong it does not bloom. Substrates must be porous, permeable and breathable, bark, broken bricks, ceramic, coconut shell, such as planting, a 2-3 year. Thrive spring requires plenty of moisture and high air winter in Cymbidium flower bud formation period of relative dormancy. Reduce watering to a gardener or bad bud differentiation, in spring, summer and autumn seasons, using a liquid fertilizer every week, available n, p, k foliar spraying or root watering of compound fertilizer applied; during the growing season but also in different parts of the pelvic surface every 1-2 months after fermentation of solid fertilizer garden section or solid long-acting fertilizer, but also conducive to plant growth and flowering. Process of cultivation should pay special attention to the prevention of scale insects, snails, and harm of bacterial leaf blight.
Ramet reproduction is often used, mostly in dormant after flowering.
Viewing guide
Cymbidium flowers are large leaves like orchids. Some species not only has the fragrance of orchids and elegant,
Orchid flower color, is the lunar new year fairs are very popular on the flower market of high-grade flower. Vertical hybridum
Placed on a shelf or hanging pots hanging watch.