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Flowers and trees during the growing season grafting

Flowers and trees during the growing season grafting
Daily activities often meet some new construction, renovation or expansion neighborhoods, attractions, water conservancy facilities, roads, mining, real estate and other, urgent need for removal of the growing season or transplanting larger plants. Growing season grafting plants how to obtain satisfactory results?
Balancing potential strains the normal growth of plants by the roots to absorb water and minerals, root size and canopy size are mutually interdependent. Larger individual flowers from a into b, digging roots generally only when 10%~40% is preserved in much of the rest is cut off the injury, planting new roots formed after a long process, temporarily interrupted or reduced ability of water and fertilizer. If the upper retains the original Crown of water and minerals necessary
Requirements, must have a serious imbalance between supply and demand and to transplant the flowers and trees wilting or dead. Cut branches and leaves on the ground, plant root called to maintain the necessary balance.
Tillering ability of strength trim plants before transplantation can take all the Crown, leaving only the trunk. Weak sprouts can remove the Crown of 2/3. Even if it is difficult to build new Terminal buds of flowers and trees, while retaining main branch, to cut off most of the branches or remove most of the blade. So that the plant can withstand levels of metabolism down to, maintaining its vitality from the impact damage. In order to avoid the trunk the wounds caused by pruning too much and is too large, remove large piles of branches can be left on the trunk, highly flexible branches depending on weight-bearing parts. Crude-bearing zone, high thin position less poor. Pruning wound surface with paint, wax seals, or with a plastic membrane. Bloom, flower and fruit of plants transplanted to most or all removed, will help improve survival rates.
Ball can protect the roots with soil less damage; the second is to avoid water loss of roots exposed three has formed around the roots of mycorrhizal can be migrated along with the plants. Mother soil ball size depending on the size and needs of the plant.
Transplantation transplantation before and after selection in continuous cloudy or rain. Sunny early in the morning or the afternoon, and avoid the midday sun
According to the Sun. Transplant, dig planting. Long-distance migration, flowers after they dug out immediately with straw for moisture adsorption, fabric covered, water moisture at any time.
High water and shade growing season temperature, evaporation and transpiration, and apart from the colonization of filling the foot when saturated, and also often for tree roots of water and irrigation. Early transplant, less roots absorb the water down, keep the transplanted soil moist. Drought and water shortage, when colonization can be added to soil water retaining agent or soil improvers, and helps to save water and improve the survival rate. Put yin in transplanting plants above the tent, or vaginal barrier established in the light side, form a cool, moist environment, avoiding Sun, also available in plastic bags on the plant recovery period, reducing transpiration. Sprout long after removing the bag.

Home How to make fertilizer

Home How to make fertilizer
In daily life, a lot of waste can be used to make fertilizer.
Soaking liquid fertilizer
With small cylinders (or small) waste leaves, fruits, chicken and fish offal, fish, bone, eggshell waste and moldy foods (such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, beans, soy flour) into the inside, and trichlorfon and sprinkle a little water, then cover tightly and after high-temperature fermentation composting can be used. When taking the upper liquid diluted with water before use. In addition, these wastes can also be mixed with the old training ground, add some more water, mounted in a large plastic bag, tied for a period of time, use after fermentation.
Waste composting
Selected appropriate locations dug a soil pit, deep 60 cm to 80 cm, pad 10 cm ashes late, will rotten leaves, and poultry livestock visceral, and scales, and chicken duck manure, and eggshell, and meat waste and broken bone, real, into pit within, sprinkled some pesticides, above cover a layer about 10 cm thick of Park soil, pit within keep wet, to promote fertilizer rot cooked. Homemade fertilizer, preferably in autumn and winter, when no odor by heating decomposed in the spring, and can be mixed with soil cultivation as green manure in; also used 4 mm sieve to take wet sieved into pellets, fine for top dressing, thick as green manure.
Family flowers without soil for three points
Family flowers without soil, with fast-growing, good quality, sanitation, pest little save fertilizer, water conservation, and labor intensity, saving labor and time advantages. Home flowers without soil technologies are outlined below.
Scientific planting. Family no soil pot can selection plastic basin, and pigment burn basin, General pot; planted Shi first will various matrix by must proportion mixed or separate loaded into basin within, again will long out 3~5 tablets leaves seedlings planting in basin Central; planted Qian first put with soil of root put in water in the, gently to will root mud wash NET, again put roots into than normal concentration nutrition liquid dilute 5~10 times of solution in the soaking 10 minutes, let its full absorption water; planted good Hou above cover a layer quartz sand or small stone, makes plant fixed, And immediately surrounded by water from the container into the nutrient solution of 0.5 times times, nutritious liquid out until the end of the basin drainage holes so far.
Second, proper nutrition. Planted Hou should each across 1-3 days poured once water, 7-10 days poured once dilute nutrition liquid; poured nutrition liquid of times and the how many, according to flower type, and plant size, and different birth stage, and season and placed locations, and set: growing between big seedlings about 7-15 days poured once nutrition liquid, small seedlings about 15-20 days poured once, dormant period about a months poured once; diameter 20 cm around of pot if planted of is positive flower, each poured about 100 ml, negative flower should discretion reduction; if using of is long-term isn’t, Its dosage to reference products manual of provides; poured nutrition liquid Shi rather less some, not too much, if application too much, often easy caused Coke leaves; General monthly completely replaced once nutrition liquid, and wash NET Sheng nutrition liquid of container; usually container within loaded nutrition liquid of number about for container depth of 2/3 for good; if loaded have too more, makes root all bubble in nutrition liquid in the, air insufficient, easy for hypoxia and caused rotten root.
Third, pay attention to watering. Soil-less gardening, also according to the watering needs of different kinds of flowers on water quantity and time. In order to avoid the loss of nutrient solution, use only watertight container. More for family using of container by two part composition, above for a with matrix of pot (bottom more hole), will spent planted into which, following installation a not leaking of loaded nutrition liquid of container; using this container planting Shi, plant root stretch into nutrition liquid Qian, needed appropriate more poured some water, about each 5-7 days poured few dilute nutrition liquid, stay root stretch into nutrition liquid Hou that normal management.