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Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia

Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia

Native to Philippines. Aquatic or marsh herb. With creeping rhizomes, stems erect or shorten freud. Linear leaves from root minister long oval, pale green, wavy leaf margin. The leaves in the water are sharp and banded, which is suitable for weak alkaline water quality and water temperature 22-28 C. When you need to plant a full light and carbon dioxide. Issued by the lateral bud propagation was adorable. In general, as the background of grass.

Cryptocoryne balansae
Native to Southeast Asia, the grass about 50 cm long, dark green leaves, furrow planting in weak acid weak alkaline water, water temperature 22-28 degrees C, light illumination is sufficient when growth is robust and has good prospects in the grass. Planting, breeding is not difficult, but it is not easy to transplant, in general, as the background of grass.

Cryptocoryne beckettii

Originating in Sri lanka. Is a kind of more robust, easy to grow and breed a kind. But when the growth conditions change, the leaves will dissolve. Suitable — weak acidic water, the temperature of 22-28 DEG C. Fecundity is exuberant, rhizome growth is more rapid, as before, the grass. Because the leaf was brown, aquarium to adjacent plants and background.

Cryptocoryne petchii

Native to Sri Lanka. Aquatic or raw herbs. With creeping rhizomes, stems erect or very short. Ye Cheng lanceolate, leaf margin has folds, into wave shape. The leaf base gradually narrow, into a sheath like petiole, each leaf is embedded with each other. Leaf color can change with the light intensity, from the green, dark olive to brown. Suitable — weak acidic water, the water temperature of 22-28 DEG C, easy planting and breeding. Propagation of its creeping stem. As before, the general middle grass.

Ceratophyllum sp. C. Submersum

Ceratophyllum sp. C. Submersum
Originating in Japan, many to the vitality of the plant. Long slender, branched. Compared with other grass leaves, agitated look thick, dark green, and the technical side also, more intensive growth. Ye Chenger fork shaped lobed, lobes filiform, a total length of 2 ~ 4 cm, fine teeth edge are still Cha sparse, oval nut, long 4 to 5 mm. Peel has fine porcelain like protrusions, edge collapse, flowering and fruiting periods in summer and autumn, because it is floating weeds without aortic, can effective strains for beam trapping sand in strong, growth, breeding grounds, suitable for weak base weak acid water, temperature 16-28 degrees C, CD wooden growth will greatly affected, so Li necessary to tillering top close to the light source, so that long-term cultivation, known as the application foreground of grass, but to a number of strains for M beam used for Zhongjing grass.

Ceratophyllum demersum var. Quadrispinum
Originating in japan. Is a variant of the Songcao. Perennial aquatic herb. Plants submerged. Stem slender, branched leaves sessile,, whorled, dichotomous type fine crack, sparsely thorn like fine teeth without stipules. Flowers small. For floating weeds without root, in axils of leaves open white flowers and results, the surface of the fruit is such as 5 gold needle protruding part (upper 2 pieces of acupuncture is short and long 2-6 mm, sometimes a long dendritic or short nipple shaped base of 2 pieces of acupuncture long, long 8 to 12 mm), hence the name, the green plants. Different planting conditions sometimes stems will be red, or the stem of the parietal lobe will become yellow red. Suitable for a weak base weak acid water, the water temperature of 16 ~ 28 C growth. In general, several strains of concentrated planting as middle grass.

Blyxa echinosperma

Blyxa echinosperma

Originating in India, Indonesia. Basal leaves. Leaves linear lanceolate, long 8-50 cm, 3 ~ 5 mm wide, top? Xin pointed, base the Ministry is narrowing was green or olive green, sometimes red. Plants in the aquarium, the hardness is slightly lower. Fruit long cylindrical. The flowers and fruits in summer and autumn. When planted, there should be enough light. Weak alkaline water quality, water temperature 22-28 C. Once you do, you should not move. In the underground a long stem lateral bud propagation. As a general medium of grass.

Bolbitis heudelotii
To be native to Africa. Rhizome thick, with about 20 cm long, dark green leaves. Growth, will be the direction of the horizontal or inclined to grow a thick leaf, especially eye-catching in the aquarium. Suitable for a weak base weak acid water, the water temperature of 24 ~ 26 DEG C. Is aquatic fern is strong. Moderate light looks the most beautiful. Because in longer than rock or driftwood, so it can be grown in the above aquarium, pinnate leaves will extend to the oblique direction, the aquarium in the composition more features.

Cabomba australis
Native to Brazil. Stems from 3 to 5 segments of the needle like leaves, while the parietal yellow to pale red. If the planting condition is excellent, will become a beautiful circle shape. Are not easy to cultivate one of the varieties of plants, the condition is not HERSHEY’S will stop growing for a long time. Suitable for neutral a weak acid water quality, water temperature 20 ~ 30 C, and applied to the amount of fertilizer, carbon dioxide will grow well. Every 2-3 days to replace the 1/3 water in the aquarium, the growth is also very helpful.